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Tips to Make Your air conditioner Last Longer

Do you know that an air condition lasts for a period between nine years and twenty? You need some guidance on how you can make your air conditioner last for an extra period. Here are the guidelines to consider.

Think about gauging energy efficiency. Be sure that when you take this seriously you will manage to increase the durability of your air conditioner. You can start by checking the SEER and you should know that when the number is high the efficiency is also high. When you find out that the ration is less than 14 you will have to consider upgrading. You can consider saving energy by switching off air conditioner after use.

You should maintain cleanliness of the air conditioner. Ensure that you clean it regularly so that you may increase its longevity. Make sure that each month you will thoroughly wipe that interior and exterior areas of the unit while vacuuming all the areas that trap dust. Check whether there is dirt or dust accumulation in the condenser coils once in a year.

Consider changing filter severally read more here. The air filter should be checked and replaced according to how the usage for instance 1 or 3 months. Air quality and whether you have pets are among the things that will also determine when you should change your filter. The air filter should attract as much dust as possible thus fix it properly.

Look for leaks. When you check and find out that there are some leaks you should shut down the air conditioner immediately to prevent the occurrence of more complications. Check connections in the lines to determine the cause of leaks. You can now seal the leaks with the right sealant. You can contact a professional to help.

Consider giving rest. Make an effort of turning off your air conditioner when not using it. This is the best idea to avoid overworking the Ac and also conversing energy. When you are asleep you should reduce the temperature.

Air circulation is required. You should be aware of overheating and inadequate airflow that can make the motor of your AC to wear out, get more info. Because of this make sure that you clean the air duct as well as vents so that everything can be okay.

Organize professional service. You need professional cleaning, maintenance, calibrating and cleaning sometimes. The suitable period for professional service is spring. You can stay for a while without air conditioner at this period. You should not ignore what you will get from this guide for perfect air conditioning service.

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